Made in Italy, boom in foreign sales for Mectronic Medicale: +30% more than last year.

Starting from taking care of Real Madrid, Milan and Atalanta champions, to the best rehabilitation centers all over the world, from the United States to the South Korea, Mectronic has become a reference point for the production of laser therapy unit. In fact, the Italian company reported an increase of 30% regarding the foreign sales, expanding its overseas presence in 45 countries.

The “made in Italy” technologies keep on conquering the international markets. Mectronic, company headquartered in Grassobbio (BG) and nowadays reference point for the realization of laser therapy devices, registered a 30% increase of abroad sales in the last twelve months, selling its products in 45 different countries, including Europe, Asia and expecially South Korea. At the 2019 Medica exhibition in Düsseldorf, the most important medical industry trade fair, Mectronic showed the new revolutionary devices lines for rehabilitation.

After 35 years of innovative achievements, achieved thanks to scientific research, the company know-how and the contribution of patients and health care professionals, Mectronic keeps on investing in research and innovation to perfect, validate and find new treatment to reach the best therapeutic outcome and to increase the patient health.


“Our team represent a true excellence of Made in Italy, we started in 2012 to expand our presence in the global market, reaching now 45 foreign nations, including countries of Europe, Asia, US, and South Korea – Explain Ennio Aloisini, Mectronic’s CEO – we are proud of our products and of the fact that their export is growing, we are also glad to have attended Medica Fair for the eight consecutive year”.

Realizing almost 1500 devices a year for the national and international market, Mectronic has become a reference for laser therapy, a company committed to continue develop of technologies and in contact with several scholars and athenaeums.   The most popular device is Theal Therapy, the innovative and validate therapy based on an advanced laser technology with eight wavelength and modulated and thermo-controlled energy. In second place, between the required devices there is “Doctor Tecar”, the medical technology used for several treatment: in fact, operating directly on a cellular level, it can provide different effects: bio stimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and de-contracting.”

During last year, the company showed a further increase in innovation, due to the realization of cutting edge technologies worldwide. Actually, in occasion of the 2019 Medica Exhibition, the Italian company presented the new products lines: Pulswave plus, innovative and non-invasive shock wave unit that uses a variable energy from 50mJ to 200mJ and works on a frequency from 1Hz to 25 Hz;  iLux Light Plus, the laser device equipped with interactive touch screen and a functional and intuitive software; Doctor Tecar Plus, the new frontier of Tecar Therapy: the AVX system offer the possibility to use the device in “automatic mode” and in “pulsed automatic mode”. Last but not least the Smart line and the Chelt Therapy (Cryo High Energy Laser Therapy): the innovative synergy between the cryotherapy and the THEAL Therapy phototherapy.