Mectronic's made in Italy laser treats Atalanta's champions and supports them in Champions League.

Mectronic, world leader in laser technology for rehabilitation, has been a partner of Atalanta BC since 2016 as the official supplier of the medical staff of the soccer team of Bergamo. A collaboration that will continue on the European soccer fields throughout the next few years, thanks to the historic conquest of qualifying for the next UEFA Champions League.


Atalanta Sassuolo - passaggio in Champions league

From preventive care to first aid after an injury, from rehabilitation to the comeback of players in the field, Mectronic, a company from Grassobbio (BG), the world leader in made-in-Italy rehabilitation lasers, has been collaborating since 2016 with Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio's Medical Staff offering to the athletes the best rehabilitation technologies like tecar, shockwaves and the innovatives CHELT Therapy and THEAL Therapy, to recover injuries more quickly, safely and effectively.

Today, after the historic conquest of the first Champions League qualification by the "Nerazzurri" of Bergamo, the company renews its commitment to invest in the fruitful partnership that since more than 3 years, through experience in the field and valuable feedback from professional athletes and high-profile staff, allows a constant development of the latest innovations in the rehabilitation field. In fact, the experience gained with Atalanta BC, as well as scientific research at universities and prestigious research centers, has allowed Mectronic to develop THEAL Therapy, an advanced and revolutionary patented method used successfully and with satisfaction by the medical team of the Atalanta's team for the rehabilitation of their players.



"We are really proud to collaborate with this great team, able to achieve ambitious goals thanks to planning, seriousness and commitment; a partnership that for us represents a further confirmation of how the methods developed by us are therapeutic references in the field of sports medicine for the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and improvement of athletes performance


- explains the engineer Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic -


We are convinced that the renewed collaboration with the medical staff of Atalanta BC, which adds to the ones with the most authoritative experts in physiotherapy at the international level, allows us to improve our technologies day by day and to offer increasingly useful devices for the healing of athletes and high performing in terms of timing. Our commitment remains the same since years: to invest time and resources in the development of technologies that are ever more impacting in the field of prevention and care of the injured, working with dedication and passion every day: we hope that these values ​​will unite our two realities for a long time to reach new goals".




From the collaboration between the medical staff of Atalanta BC and the team of Mectronic specialists, the Sport & Medicine Training Project Atalanta-Mectronic was also born, an important successful program dedicated to the training at national level of specialists in the medical-sports sector; an innovative training platform created with the aim of promoting the culture of physiotherapy and rehabilitation by organizing high-level professional courses, reserved for specialists of the sector who want to keep up with the most advanced methodologies and technologies.



Atalanta BC - Spogliatoi prima squadra
“Atalanta BC has been using Mectronic devices for several years now
- explains Dr. Marco Bruzzone, social doctor of Atalanta BC -
For some years we have also been using CHELT Therapy, which we use a lot in our sports center as it guarantees a good effectiveness both for the acute part of any type of injury, and for what concerns chronic injuries. We use a lot of CHELT Therapy with professional athletes and we have had excellent results."
Dr. Michele Locatelli, Atalanta BC physiotherapist, also shares this thought:
"The great possibility given to us by THEAL Therapy was the possibility of having a thermal control and using new wavelengths, especially the 650nm. THEAL Therapy can really adapt to the patient: we have different phototypes, patients that can be ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphic, and all these types of variability can be easily managed. The management methods have been implemented to such an extent that THEAL Therapy can cover the entire duration and spectrum of the pathology’s rehabilitation process".




Duvan e Castagne, Atalanta BC