Mectronic protagonist at Medica 2019.

The Dusseldorf fair ended with great success, working as a springboard for the new products developed by Mectronic.

For the eighth consecutive year, Mectronic was the protagonist at Medica, the most important international event dedicated to experts in the field of hospital medicine and technology, which takes place every year in Dusseldorf and which this year saw the participation of over 5000 exhibitors from 70 different countries.
- iLux Light PLUS, the latest evolution in the field of MultiMode HEL LaserTherapy.
The great potential guaranteed by this new device, the greater range of powers, the possibility of mixing up to 3 wavelengths and the wide selection of applicators available, makes it the best ally in everyday laser therapy.
- Doctor Tecar PLUS, the new frontier of Tecar Therapy.
Thanks to the greater power and the more frequencies, it allows to transfer the correct amount of energy in the desired tissues. Thanks to this mechanism, patients experience immediate relief from pain, reduced edema, muscle relaxation, healing and tissue regeneration.
Mectronic took the opportunity to present several new products on the market, the result of over 35 years of continuous research and innovation:
- Pulswave PLUS, the device that takes shock wave therapy to a higher level.
Thanks to new features and better management of the therapy, the operator can maximize the therapeutic effects.

- SMART line: iLux SMART and Doctor Tecar SMART: Mectronic with the SMART line has created a new range of products that is more compact, cheaper and easier to use, able to offer an effective therapy for every need.
The SMART line is the perfect solution for the therapist looking for a laser or tecar device of reduced dimensions and an advantageous price, without however renouncing to the excellent performance and ease of use that Mectronic electronic devices.

- CHELT Therapy, the innovative synergy between cryotherapy with dry cold air at -30 ° C with thermal control and THEAL Therapy that maximizes therapeutic results in both acute and chronic phases.
- New design for iLux XP.iLux XP, the revolutionary device for THEAL Therapy, presented in a new guise with a bigger screen and a revisited and enhanced interface.
- Doctor Tecar XP, the new device for Tecar Therapy that not only supplies high power energy, but supplied by transferring energy with extremely low power.
Mectronic’s staff would like to thank all visitors, collaborators and organizers for their availability and interest in our products.