Training at the time of coronavirus, it's a "home workout" boom: the expert’s decalogue to prevent and treat domestic injuries.

Schedule your workouts along the week, strengthen the muscular districts, restore the sleep-wake balance and detoxify. These are some of the experts' tips for preventing the most frequent home injuries related to "home workouts", which have encountered a boom during the quarantine: a trend certified by popularity on Instagram, where more than 2 million posts are featured.

The health emergency caused by Coronavirus has forced millions of people into forced quarantine, radically changing traditional training habits. Just think that the "home workout" craze has exploded in these weeks, mentioned on Instagram in over 2 million posts. An alternative method of staying fit and achieving physical and mental benefits, as revealed by research conducted by the National Health Association and published in USA Today. Practice loved and shared also by the stars of the show, who create interactive sessions for the followers: from Jessica Alba to Kate Upton, from Britney Spears to Kaley Cuoco, up to Robbie Williams and Justin Bieber. But home workouts, especially for newbies, are a major cause of injuries, as explained by a New York Times survey.
What are the experts' tips to best face them?

Prevention begins at the table with a healthy and correct diet, rich in proteins and vegetables, and continues with the right periodicization of the exercises based on the workload. But that's not all, because it is essential to restore the sleep-wake balance, perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular districts and detoxify with the help of plants. Finally, to ensure functional and biological recovery from injuries, experts recommend the use of Theal Therapy, laser therapy made in Italy which, thanks to the perfect mix of different wavelengths, accelerates the revascularization of the various muscles.


"Training at home during this period of quarantine is essential to preserve your physical and mental health, alleviating the levels of stress and anxiety related to the epidemic, but it must be done in the right measure. Moving is important to combat muscle contractures and the exacerbation of osteoarthritis problems, which are accentuated with immobilization
- explains Dr. Paolo Tenconi, doctor and professional athletic trainer -
For this reason I recommend dividing the days of the week according to the workload and proceeding gradually, recognizing your limits. Making wrong movements very often leads to groin tendinopathies, especially for those who are not used to running on the spot, and to muscle contractures. We must give priority to stretching, perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular districts and hydrate. Training now is essential to get in shape at the end of the epidemic. And in that case, Theal Therapy comes in handy to recover from injuries, which thanks to the mix of wavelengths promotes the revascularization of the muscles, and allows the tissues to be oxygenated and re-oxygenated ".
But what are the most frequent injuries related to home workouts?
According to an American research by the National Athletic Trainer's Association and published on the Health portal, the most vulnerable parts remain the lower limbs, subject to tendinopathies and contractures, especially for newbies who are not accustomed to running on the spot due to the lack of soil thrust. But that's not all, because in the event of incorrect movements during the execution of the abdominal muscles, myotensive neck pain can also occur, which causes pain in the cervical area. Not to be underestimated are also contractures and strains caused by excessive bending and lateral raises. In these cases, it is essential to work on distances for the metabolic part and not to underestimate breathing.
Finally, here is the expert’s decalogue to prevent the most common accidents in the event of a "Home Workout":


Schedule your training calendar
Divide the days of the week according to the different workloads, preferring low or high intensity circuits according to your skills.
Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Prevention begins at the table with a diet possibly rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables. Space also for carbohydrates, but in moderation.

Perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular districts

Work on the pectoral muscles with the push-ups, on the shoulders with lateral and frontal lifts and on the abs with the squats.

Restoring the sleep-wake balance
The right hours of rest are essential for the recovery of the brain's faculties and to start training at best.
Do not underestimate the importance of stretching
At the end of each session it is important to stretch your muscles with targeted exercises to ensure proper blood circulation and avoid stasis.
Hydrate before, during and after the workout
Replenishing water supplies by drinking at least two liters of water a day helps improve the effectiveness of your workouts.
Check the surrounding environment
It is important to train in clean domestic spaces free of objects that can cause accidental falls.
Recognize your limits
Listen to the signals of your body and do not exceed with the workload, proceeding gradually.
Detoxify with the help of herbs and plants
Magnesium and rosemary are useful for eliminating excess toxins, while nettle and butcher's broom help fight kidney failure.
To recover from injuries, use laser therapy
Once back and active in the open air, at the end of the epidemic, Theal Therapy is ideal for revascularizing the various muscles and oxygenating the tissues.