Volleyball, Mectronic takes the field with Lube Volley, the champions of Italy and Europe.

The italian company, leader in laser technology in the service of rehabilitation, has established an important collaboration with the Volley Lube Sports Association, a volleyball company born in 1990 in Treia (MC) and currently champion of Italy and Europe in charge. The purpose of the partnership is to prevent and treat players' injuries by improving their performance in the field.

il team LUBE Volley di Ferdinando De Giorgi con  Mectronic Medicale


Improve the state of physical and athletic preparation of the players with the help of the most advanced technologies in the field of medicine and physiotherapy. This was the goal that led Mectronic, a leading company in laser technology for rehabilitation, to form a partnership with the Volley LUBE Sports Association, founded in 1990 in Treia, a small town in the Macerata area that hosts the Cucine LUBE company, one of the most important Italian industrial furniture giants. Over the years, the greatest world champions such as Andrea Zorzi, Nalbert Bitencourt, Mauricio Lima, Marco Bracci and Lorenzo Bernardi, names that have made the history of volleyball, have worn the prestigious Lube Volley shirt. Mectronic will provide the medical staff of the volleyball company with Theal Therapy, the made in Italy laser therapy that for years has been an avant-garde instrument as well as a real curative methodology for samples within everyone's reach. The Volley LUBE Sports Association plays in the A1 series men's volleyball championship and boasts a record of all respect: 5 championships, 2 Champions League, 5 Italian Cups, 3 Cev Cups, 1 Challenge Cup and 4 Italian Super Cups. Prestigious awards that make it to all effects the most titled Club of the XXI century.




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"We are honored to be able to collaborate with excellence like Mectronic, a company that has always been attentive to innovation and scientific research – explained Giuseppe Cormio, sports director of the Volley LUBE Sports Association – Thanks to this important agreement, our athletes will be able to benefit from state-of-the-art therapies, a fundamental aspect for our Club. This is the first step towards what we hope will be a lasting partnership”. “We are proud to provide our laser technology, a point of arrival after years of research and innovation, to the medical staff of a well-established reality in the field of men's volleyball – explained Ennio Aloisini, CEO of MectronicTheal Therapy, in addition to treating the strongest champions on the world sports scene, is laser therapy for everyone. In fact, it is successfully used in completely different fields: from the treatment of the pathologies of an athlete such as tendinitis and muscle injuries, to the treatment of pain of an amputee patient of a lower limb; from the treatment of cutaneous and diabetic ulcers to the conservative treatment of column pathologies, such as hernias, lumbosciatic pains and radiculopathies”.



Kamil Rychlicki con il dottor Marco Frontaloni
But that's not all, because in addition to Theal Therapy Mectronic will also provide  to the medical staff of the Volley Lube Sports Association the Doctor Tecar, a therapy that stimulates the body's natural regenerative and self-healing processes. In “naturally thermal” mode, both continuous and pulsed, it promotes immediate pain relief, acts on the free nerve endings by rebalancing the membrane potentials of the nociceptors and promotes the blockage of the pain sensation by releasing endorphins. Both therapies will allow the players of the Volley LUBE Sports Association to quickly recover the optimal conditions for the continuation of their competitive activity and stay in top form.