Volleyball, world’s champions of Lube Volley use Mectronic’s made in Italy laser devices to cure themself.

Mectronic, the Italian company from Grassobbio, leader in the realization of laser therapy devices for rehabilitation, is the official supplier of Lube Volley team, volleyball team from Marche, Italy, which just reached the top of the world by defeating the Sada Cruzeiro team in the final in Betim. A very significant partnership renewed to prevent and cure the injuries of the best volleyball players, improving their performance and their recovery time.

The Italian, European and from now World champions, deserve the best and latest rehabilitation technologies on the market to recover from injuries in the best and fastest way. It is with this premises that Mectronic, leader company in the manufacturing of laser devices for rehabilitation, wants to celebrate the victory of December the 8th in the World Club Championship of Cucine LUBE Civitanova, during which the Italian team defeated 3-1 the prestigious Brazilian team Sada Cruzeiro.

The most titled Italian volley team the 8th of December defeated the Sada Cruzeiro team 3:1 in the final match in Betim, winning the world title. This achievement enriches the Italian team palmares, that already counts 5 scudetto, 2 champions league, 5 Italian Cup, 3 Cev Cup, 1 Challenge Cup and 4 Italian Super Cup, making the Italian team from the Marche the most reward-winning in the last 20 years. These supreme levels of performances have been made possible also thanks to Mectronic’s cutting-edge laser technologies; the Italian company in fact has provided to the volley team’s medical staff the laser device Theal Therapy: the made in Italy laser technology that represent an actual healing method for champion, accessible to all; and Doctor Tecar:  the tecar therapy device that stimulate the natural regenerative and self-healing body processes. Both technologies helped the Cucine Lube Civitanova volley players to rapidly regain their best physical conditions and play at their fullest potentials.


“We applaud the Cucine LUBE Civitanova team for this huge milestone and we are proud to have provided our best rehabilitation devices to one of the greatest national and international volleyball team” explained Ennio Aloisini, Mectronic Medicale CEO “ Theal Therapy, other than treating the volley world’s champions,  really is the laser therapy for everyone, not only for our champions sports injures as tendonitis and muscle injury: for example it can be used for the cure of skin and diabetic ulcers, for the pain management  in case of amputation of a limb, and for the cure of spine disease as hernia,  lumbociatalgia, or radiculopathy too”.