World physiotherapy day.

From the experts the guide of advices to get the maximum benefits.

Muscular injuries, painful joints and postural problems: physiotherapy can be the solution to a long series of problems and the latest laser therapies such as THEAL Therapy allow to heal them quicker. But how can you solve your physical problems in a concrete way and in a short time? According to experts it is essential to rely on real professionals, follow the practice and use the most advanced techniques.
Practiced already from 480 BC by the father of medicine Hippocrates, who at the time invented treatments such as massage, manipulation and hydrotherapy, physiotherapy has never ceased to develop its knowledge in the field of rehabilitation, untill it deserved, starting from 1996, an ad hoc day: the World Physiotherapy Day, which this year is celebrated on September 8 by the will of WCPT, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.
A fundamental appointment that has the aim of spreading the knowledge of the benefits and importance of physiotherapy in the life of more and more people: just think that according to the data of AIFi, the Italian Association of Physiotherapists, every year in Italy there are over 2 million people who rely on one of over 65 thousand professionals to treat pain and limitations of movement, 97 every 100 thousand of inhabitants according to ISTAT. A job much demanded by the population increasingly elderly and sedentary: just think that 90% of graduates in physiotherapy find work within a year, as reported by Almalaurea.
But what are the pathologies that require immediate intervention and how to deal with them in the best way?
"Physiopathological techniques are increasingly widespread and can cure the pains caused by a long series of pathologies, like for example, tendinopathies or tendinous inflammations, muscular injuries, neuropathies, capsulitis, ulcers, inflammation of the nerve roots, distortions, calcifications, pain from overload to the pathologies of the column. It is important to underline how important it is to rely on a certified and updated professional who uses the most modern and advanced technologies such as THEAL Therapy, with which it is possible to personalize the therapeutic protocol and maximize the therapeutic results both in terms of time and quality”.

Dr. Angela Amodio - Physiotherapist of the Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome Habilita, AIFi responsible for Puglia and professor of Instrumental Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy can be used in different fields of rehabilitation treatments: from the treatment of rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and fibromyalgia, through the most common stretching, tearing, sprains, bruises, tendinopathies and low back pain, up to neurological diseases, carpal tunnel, flat foot, scoliosis, post-surgical treatments and edema.
If once the physiotherapist could rely just on his own dexterity, today the technology provides advanced therapies, such as the laser of THEAL Therapy created by Mectronic that at the biological level, thanks to the emission of customizable mix of wavelengths, it acts by stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts with consequent production of collagen in order to rebalance the extracellular matrix and to reshape the tissues, with 5 orders of effects: biostimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and decontracting.
An area where innovations are important, but also a constant update.
"We are proud to provide to the best experts in the field methodologies with a thorough scientific research and courses based on it that serve physiotherapists to keep up to date: a practice able to facilitate the work of physiotherapists and relieve the pains of millions of patients. For example, the long partnership with Atalanta BC and AC Milan demonstrates the efficacy of our products and in particular of THEAL Therapy, which represents the latest evolution of phototherapy and lasertherapy, used in the treatment of pathologies such as tendinitis and muscle injuries, as well as pains related to amputations, cutaneous and diabetic ulcers, column pathologies, hernias and lumbosciatalgies, with immediate relief found by 97% of patients”.

Ing. Ennio Aloisini - CEO of Mectronic

Finally, the guide of advice by experts in the field to get the best benefits from physiotherapy:

1. Rely on the right person: a physiotherapist who has obtained at least one bachelor's degree in physiotherapy.


2. Verify that the physiotherapist is always updated on the new techniques and methods, such as phototherapy and lasertherapy.


3. Make sure that the physiotherapist frequent the training courses, such as those of the "ProgettoFormazione Sport&Medicine AtalantaMectronic" distributed in Italy.


4. Ask the professionist for a thorough medical instrumental diagnosis and constant evaluations to verify physical progress.


5. Do not wait until the pain becomes unbearable, it is essential to start the rehabilitation process as soon as possible to avoid complications.


6. You must be patient, the rush to recover is a bitter enemy of the long rehabilitation course.


7. Equally important is to follow the instructions and advice of the physiotherapist, which will help the recovery and the definitive healing.


8. Use the most advanced methods developed and the most advanced technologies available on the market, such as the laser of THEAL Therapy.


9. Do the "homework" assigned by the physiotherapist, such as physical exercises and functional recovery.


10. Both during treatments and in everyday life, it is essential to conduct a healthy and active lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet.

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