CHELT Therapy: accelerated recovery for the treatment of Achilles tendon pain

CHELT Therapy combines THEAL therapy with cryotherapy for effective treatment.

Patients treated with CHELT experienced:
  • Rapid pain relief 🛑💢
  • Complete functional recovery 🔄🚴‍♂️
  • Higher satisfaction compared with other therapies 😊🏅
The integrated method speeds up tendinopathy recovery and boosts treatment efficacy. Cryotherapy enhances treatment reach in the affected area, significantly amplifying THEAL Therapy's healing effects.
The integration of THEAL Therapy with cryotherapy is only the starting point. Therapeutic programs also include specific exercises, performed in synergy with THEAL Therapy, designed to progressively increase the tendon's ability to bear the load. This overall approach ensures effective recovery, contributing to improved strength and function of the tendon.
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